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Consumer Resources

 General Legal

Broad range of legal and governmental resources, including listings of attorneys and law firms, and federal and state resources.

Searchable index of legal materials on the Web.

General Consumer

General Consumer Information for public interest organizations, consumer advocacy and education groups and the general public.

Legal Services Back-Up and Resource Centers

Non-profit organizations devoting all of its resources to advocating equal access to justice for all Americans.

Car Information

Good collection of resources regarding cars, car pricing and safety information, lemon law summaries.

Retailer and Trade

Government Web Sites

US Government Agencies

Extensive links to all US Government Agencies.

Finding a Lawyer

Search for a lawyer near you.

Helpful Tools
General Financial and mortgage calculators.

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Whistleblower Resources

Government links

Legal Research Links

Medical Information Links

Medicare/Medicaid Links

Fraud/General Reference Links

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