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King_Kamehameha_I_Statue_-_HonoluluGrande Law Offices and Thomas Grande have litigated public interest cases for more than thirty years. Our commitment to service in the public interest for consumers, small business, whistleblowers and government has resulted in:

• Hundreds of millions of dollars awarded to consumers, seniors, small business, and the state and federal governments.

• Public interest legislation for small business and consumers including the Hawai’i False Claims Act, the Hawai’i County False Claims Act, the Hawai’i Elder Justice Act and amendments to the Hawai’i Unfair and Deceptive Practices statute to allow indirect purchaser class actions and unfair competition causes of action.

• The first personal injury class action certification in Hawai’i.

• The first national qui tam settlement for fraud on a foreign US military base.

• The first settlement under the Hawai’i False Claims Act.

• The highest unfair competition award in Hawai’i.

• The first breach of trust verdict for Native Hawaiian Hawaiian Home Lands Beneficiaries under the Hawaiian Homes Claims Panel legislation (HRS Chapter 674).

• Millions of dollars in cy pres awards to the University of Hawai’i, Hawai’i Humane societies, the Red Cross, Hawai’i Community Foundation, Legal Aid & others.

Thomas Grande is listed in Best Lawyers in America and as one of Hawai’i’s A+ Attorneys. He is rated as AV Preeminent and a Hawaii Super Lawyer by his peers.

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Grande Editorial on Protecting Whistleblowers 

Click here to read Thomas Grande’s editorial on effective ways to bring whistleblower complaints to light published in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Grande Is Named Best Lawyer for Qui Tam Law

Honolulu Hawai’i  October 2015
Thomas Grande is the  first lawyer in Hawai’i to be named as a “Best Lawyer” for qui tam/false claims action litigation.   Grande was also named as a Best Lawyer  for Plaintiffs’ Mass Tort Litigation/Class Actions and for Civil Rights Law.

Grande Drafts Legislation for Food Recall Notice

Honolulu Hawai’i January, 2014

Thomas Grande has drafted legislation requiring retailers who have club card programs to notify consumers directly in the event of a Class I food, product or merchandise recall, i.e. a recall that probably would cause serious adverse health consequences or death.

“Retailers who collect personal information for marketing purposes should be required to provide direct notice to consumers who have purchased contaminated food or dangerous products,” Grande said. “Approximately 48 million foodborne illnesses occur each year in the United States, causing more than 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths.  Recent Hawai’i Class I food recalls have included foods contaminated with e coli, botulism, salmonella, listeria, and other dangerous food-borne diseases,” Grande noted.

“The technology to notify large groups of consumers by email, telephone or letter is available and is being used by a few retailers to protect their customers.  This should be a requirement for all large retailers who collect customer information for marketing and sales purposes,” Grande said.

Click to view the status of SB 493 or HB 376

Click here to view background article on proposed legislation to require consumer notification of Class I food, product and merchandise recalls.

Grande Named Contributing Author to Federal Deception Law

Honolulu Hawai’i  December 8, 2012

Thomas Grande has been named as a contributing author

to the first edition of Federal Deception Law, a publication of the National Consumer Law Center.  Grande wrote the chapter on the Federal False Claims Act.  Grande is also a contributing author to NCLC consumer publications Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices and Consumer Class ActionsGrande is a co-founding editor and editor-in-chief emeritus of  the  ABA Survey of State Class Action Law, which is reprinted in both Consumer Class Actions and Newberg on Class Actions, the pre-eminent treatise on federal class action law.

To view Mr. Grande’s consumer law publications, click here.

Governor Signs Hawai’i False Claims Act Amendments

Honolulu Hawai’i  July 10, 2012

Governor Neil Abercrombie signed Act 294, which amends the Hawai’i False Claims Act to conform to federal statutory amendments.  Thomas Grande testified and lobbied in favor of 1) expanding the false claim act coverage to include tax fraud and 2) expanding the amendments to include the Hawaii Counties False Claims Act.  Both proposed amendments were included in the legislation, making Hawai’i only the second state to include tax fraud in the false claims act.

To read Thomas Grande‘s Honolulu Star-Advertiser guest editorial on the Hawai’i False Claims Act, click here.

Grande Receives Alumni of the Year Award

Honolulu, Hawai’i  May, 2012

The Advocates for Public Interest Law of the William S. Richardson School of Law University of Hawai’i awarded Thomas Grande its Alumni of the Year Award for inspiring and important public interest legal work.

To read more about the Advocates for Public Interest Law, click here.

Settlement Benefits for 100,000 Breach Victims Approved

Honolulu, Hawai’i  April 17, 2012

First Circuit Judge Patrick Border has given final approval to a class action settlement filed on behalf of 100,000 University of Hawai’i alumni, students, faculty, staff and guests who were victims of data breaches.

Thomas Grande, who filed the case with attorney Bruce Sherman, noted that “Identity theft is an issue of intense concern.  This settlement sets the standard for providing these services to future data breach victims.”

Sherman said that while data breaches may occur, it is up to the breaching institution to protect the victims. “Data breaches will continue to occur in private companies and in government. We have to make sure that these institutions take prompt action not only to notify the victims, but also to ensure that they can minimize any potential identity theft issues by providing credit monitoring.”

The settlement will be administered by Kroll Background America, Inc., a firm specializing in providing credit monitoring and fraud restoration services. Class members were sent a membership code that allows them to sign up online at or they may call 1-855-205-6935 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Central Time with questions or for more information. Class members must sign up for benefits on or before May 1, 2012.

Visit for more information.

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University Settles Data Breach Lawsuit 

Honolulu, Hawaii  January 26, 2012

Grande Law Offices has settled a class action lawsuit on behalf of 100,000 University of Hawai’i alumni, students, faculty, staff and guests who were victims of data breaches.  The five data breaches occurred on four campuses between 2009 and 2011.

Class members will receive two years of credit monitoring and credit restoration services.

Class notice were mailed on March 1, 2012 and will explain how to enroll for class benefits.

Visit for more information.

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